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on 11/19/2014 5:13:28 PM

Comments: This is the slipper I have worn for many years even as a teen. They are comfortable and easy wearing. Also has a slight heel that keep your feet from being flat on the floor. Now I am unable to locate except through this web site.

"I don't have a title so I will enter (dormie)"

on 10/26/2014 2:25:30 PM

Comments: I love Daniel Green shoes you have had in your line wedges about 2" high in narrow I had them in burgeoned, white, gold I think I had them in black. I wore them ever where. Please, please bring them back and in the narrow width. They looked dresses and they were comfortable and at Almost 80 years of age we need comfort and we like to look nice the shoe I'm talking about looked kinda like dormie. It was a slide on. Thank you for letting me ask.

"Daniel Green Dormie Slipper - total comfort!"

on 10/7/2014 11:05:46 PM

Comments: If you don't like fuzzy slippers because they are too hot, try these. Comfortable to wear around the house all year long! Super comfortable and the style is simple so it goes with all types of lounge and sleepwear.

"Daniel Green Dormie"

on 10/2/2014 8:11:23 PM

Comments: The Dormie Slipper is the BEST for me. I just love them. Have been using them for years as I have serious foot problems. PLEASE HELP me if you can. I am in need of the Dormie in WHITE and black.(Mtw41332

"Daniel Green Dormie Slipper - please make with a higher heel/love your slippers"

on 9/15/2014 9:39:44 AM

Comments: Need a 1 1/2 - 2 in heel. Love the dormie style, however too low a heel!

"Daniel Green Dormie Slippers are Great"

on 8/11/2014 6:21:07 PM

Comments: Love these slippers.. Have been wearing them in various colors for over 20 years. The heel is just right..

"Daniel Green Dormie Slippers - Exceptional Slipper"

on 8/5/2014 3:25:55 PM

Comments: I searched for a slipper pending vascular surgery on both of my legs. I needed a comfortable, yet easy to slide on slipper since I wouldn't be able to bend my legs for two weeks. I bought two pairs of them and absolutely love them. I also have arthritis in both feet as well and they do not hurt my feet at all. For me, they worked great! I will continue to wear them inside and out of doors long past my recovery. Thanks!

"Great Shoes"

on 7/4/2014 11:47:29 PM

Comments: There is nothing better than Daniel Green Shoes. My mother used them all through her lifetime and I have to. If there is anything better out there I haven't found it. Do not ever go out of business!

"wish u came back with the classic lucy"

on 5/13/2014 4:28:34 PM

Comments: that wedge sandal was awesome my mom loved them and wants to buy another pair it would b nice if u brought that slipper back

"These are the best slippers to buy"

on 2/23/2014 6:20:09 PM

Comments: I really like this brand. Too bad they don't make them where you can wear them outside

"Long Time Customer"

on 1/7/2014 3:45:47 PM

Comments: I have been wearing this same style slipper since high school. I graduated in 1972. Used to buy the slippers in retail stores, now can only find online. Very comfortable and a nice hard sole. I wear them indoors but could probably be worn outdoors also.

"Daniel Green Slippers"

on 12/7/2013 12:26:42 PM

Comments: I just ordered Danisl Green Slippers and then on line it came up that I could get 10% off with code "Dormie10" Please, my I have that. This is my first time to order. Thanks. Freida Clark

"Memories of Dormie Slippers"

on 10/2/2013 10:10:18 AM

Comments: I loved these slippers when I was a teen and college student. I can't wait to get my order to get my aching feet into these comfy slippers!

""Dormie Delight""

on 9/16/2013 5:50:02 PM

Comments: Just got my dormie pewter slippers.I'm wearing them right now,love the feel!They came right on time,I'm happy! They don't need break-in wear.just,out of the box,on they went.I've been having trouble with my feet lately,these slippers help the pain of my bunions,soles! Killing me feet to happy feet again!Thank you DG.

"Dornie Slippers"

on 9/12/2013 3:20:09 PM

Comments: My mother wore Daniel Green slippers. Her favorite ones were Dormie slippers. I recently purchased a pair. Although they are lovely to look at, I find them terribly uncomfortable. They cut my toes on one foot, and I am forced to wear Bandaids every day now. I want to try the Denise slipper, but can't seem to get it in pink anymore. I guess I'll just keep watching until it comes back in.