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L.B. Evans is the best resource for men’s slippers, combining classic style with modern quality. These are slippers that any man can use for years without being befallen by compromised construction or antiquated style. The timeless look in our slipper collections is sure to attract the discerning man with refined tastes. Yet these high-quality slippers are still affordable, making them a great choice for gifts or just treating your feet to a relaxing escape.

After a long day at work or toiling outside, there’s nothing quite like coming home, slipping off your shoes and slipping into a pair of comfortable, supportive slippers. You’ll instantly feel the stress of the day melt away as you kick back and relax in these stylish house shoes. And because they’re made from high-quality materials and feature supportive soles, these are slippers that you can continue to use for years. Unlike the cheap slippers available in most stores, they’re built to be just as durable as shoes while still providing that high level of slipper comfort.

Many guys find that slippers sold in most stores just aren’t as flattering as they’d like. When you want slippers that are sleek and stylish rather than clunky or cutesy, L.B. Evans is the place to shop. Our selection of slippers includes only the styles we know polished men would appreciate. That includes some beautiful leather slide shoes, cozy flannel-lined moccasins and super-soft suede slippers.


Find the perfect fit for your feet by browsing out full collection of men’s slippers at L.B. Evans. We offer regular, wide, narrow and extended sizes to ensure that any man can enjoy the relaxing comfort and fashionable looks of our slipper collection. Plus, we offer free shipping and free returns on all products to help guarantee your satisfaction.

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