For the product: Daniel Green DORMIE Slipper
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"A Great Classic"

on 1/17/2016 5:49:05 PM

Comments: My grandmother has only worn these slippers since before I was born. A classic design and great qualiy product. I was so glad to surprise her with them for Christmas since she can no longer find them in department stores.

"I have worn this slipper for more years than I can remember, perhaps 40 years, and they are the best."

on 1/15/2016 11:21:52 AM

"She loved them!"

on 1/13/2016 10:45:30 AM

Comments: My mother in law has been wearing Daniel Green slippers for many years. Bought her these for Christmas and they are very nice and comfortable. She loves them!

"Satisfied Customer"

on 1/13/2016 9:20:11 AM

Comments: Enjoyed the comfort and year.

"Satisfied Customer"

on 1/13/2016 9:18:52 AM

Comments: Still the same comfort and look I enjoyed years ago. I cannot find them in stores in my area.

"Great Buy"

on 1/11/2016 10:30:01 PM

Comments: The size was perfect out of the box, the person I gifted it too was amazed that i found these for her.

"Dormie Slipper Lover"

on 1/11/2016 9:06:45 AM

Comments: My mom has worn these slippers for years. She loves them cause they are so comfortable and stylish. She was so surprised to get a new pair.

"Perfect slippers"

on 1/1/2016 7:02:21 PM

Comments: I ordered my slippers and was told the expected date. Much to my delight, they came early. What a pleasant surprise!

"Best slippers ever made"

on 12/31/2015 10:08:45 AM

Comments: Daniel Green has been a part of my life starting with my mother continuing with my wife. That is over 50 years. I introduced my wife to the DG slippers because of the way my mother liked them. They are well made and last a long time


on 12/27/2015 8:15:09 PM

Comments: I've worn these slippers for 30 yrs

"Gold Dormie Slipper"

on 11/22/2015 11:50:15 AM

Comments: Have worn this style for 40 years. First purchased as a gift and have been a required slipper style each and every year. Call them my thinking shoes as they start my day.


on 10/28/2015 12:20:13 PM

Comments: I absolutely love Daniel Green slippers. They last for years and are oh, so comfortable. Regretfully, you cannot find them in most stores, but thank goodness I can still order them from you on line.


on 9/26/2015 9:26:16 PM

Comments: I have become my mother!! I absolutely love this Daniel Green. The places I used to be able to purchase them no longer carry them. Thank goodness they are still available.

"Always perfect shoe"

on 9/25/2015 10:54:50 AM

Comments: My mother had been wearing this shoe for 30 +/- years around the house. She loves it and insist on only Daniel green. They hold up for quite a while. True to fit.

"Comfort and Quality"

on 9/24/2015 2:44:11 PM

Comments: I was told years ago that a 1' to 2" heal was better than walking around in "flats" or for that matter anything higher. I've worn slippers similar to the Dormie since my teens (now in my late 70's) and for the past several years haven't been able to find this style of comfort. Since purchasing the Dormie I've accidently worn them twice when going out because I'd forgotten they were on my feet due to their comfort factor. I'd like to see another 1/2 inch heel added to future manufacturing options and perhaps a satin top for strictly indoor use but meanwhile I can thoroughly endorse the quality and comfort of the Daniel Green brand.