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HideAways slippers by L.B. Evans are the perfect companion for cold winter nights. Simply slip on a pair of plush men’s slippers and relax by the fire while your worries melt away. The moccasin-style slippers are beautifully detailed and select styles include warm flannel or sherpa linings for added warmth. The stylish men’s slippers feature a traditional design with stitching around the perimeter of the shoe, a reinforced sole and small toe. The lacing around the opening of the shoes meets on top of the tongue in a decorative bow. The men’s slippers are made with quality materials that flex and bend with each step for improved comfort, even after hours of wear. 

L.B. Evans hideaways slippers are available in a range of sizes and styles. Slippers are available in various shades of brown, which is the traditional choice for moccasins. The bottoms of the slippers are rubberized for indoor or outdoor use and added durability. All L.B. Evans men’s HideAways slippers ship for free for an added value. Shop with confidence knowing that if your slippers don’t fit or don’t meet your expectations, you can always return them with no questions asked.

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