Wide Width

L.B. Evans Wide Width Slippers

Feet come in all shapes and sizes, which is why Daniel Green offers a large selection of fashionable, high-quality men’s wide width slippers. The extra wide designs are made to accommodate even the widest feet, with improved arch support, more space for toes and a wider sole for improved comfort. Most slippers are available in multiple widths for the perfect fit and maximum comfort. Shop for modern cotton slippers or try a pair of men’s leather slippers to find the style that’s right for you and your feet.

Just because the slippers are extra wide doesn’t mean that they should lack in style. Daniel Green carries a full selection of wide width slippers for men to choose from including popular styles like loafers, moccasins, slip-ons, scuffs and more. Our men’s slippers wide width are hand selected and are made with premium materials for superior comfort. Each slipper is made with fine attention to detail to ensure it cradles the foot and looks good while doing so. Order a pair for yourself and a pair for your wide-footed friend.


7529  Chestnut

4184  Chocolate/Terry 4185  Black

1141  Saddle and Boa 1142  Chocolate and Boa

1132  Chocolate and Terry 1131  Saddle and Terry 1151  Chestnut 1171  Gray

9502  Saddle 9503 Black

3036  Black

3026  Black 3025  Brown

2198  Tan

827-1  Mocha

2751  Black

2761  Black

HA2002-202  Chocolate HA2002-247  Hashbrown HA2002-001  Black

1736  Hashbrown 1725  Chocolate

8927  Chocolate 6803  Tan

8345  Black

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