All Women's Slippers

Each style in our line is designed to be sensibly stylish, well-made and all day comfort. Trends have come and gone but our loyalty to our customer has remained. Many of our styles have been around for decades and we have our loyal and dedicated customers to thank for that.  Our 130 years of slipper-making history and innovation is something that we are proud to share with you and your family. 

Thank you for letting us be part of your day, night and the wonderful adventures that lie ahead.

52377-710  Gold 52377-060  Pewter 52301-001  Black 52301-270  Bone

40327-712  Metallic Multi

40102-060  Pewter 40102-710  Gold 40100-001  Black 40100-270  Bone

40108-001  Black 40108-270  Bone 40108-421  Blue 40125-710  Gold

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