Wide Width Slippers

Shopping for slippers with wider feet is a pain. Unlike regular shoes, they’re rarely available in special size options. But at Daniel Green, we’re committing to getting you the perfect fit in our cozy slipper styles. That’s why you’ll find wide width slippers for women in many of our most popular styles when you shop with us. 
Forget about settling for a style you don’t love just because it looks like the roomiest option. When you choose wide width house slippers from Daniel Green, you’ll get to choose from a selection of truly chic styles. From sandals to booties to moccasins, we have all the slipper styles you love in sizes that are tailored to your feet. Best of all, you’ll get the signature comfort and coziness that Daniel Green is known for. Browse our full collection of ladies’ wide slippers to find the style you love without having to worry about sizing options.


84993-901  Cheetah 84993-100  White 84993-001  Black

84999-681  Pink 84999-100  White 84999-420  Blue

84995-420  Blue 84995-681  Pink 84995-008  Black/Cheetah

10007-100  White 10007-420  Blue 10007-681  Pink 10007-001  Black 10007-901  Cheetah

40327-712  Metallic Multi

52377-710  Gold 52377-060  Pewter 52301-001  Black 52301-270  Bone 72147-901  Cheetah
52301-029  Gray Snake 52301-711  Gold Snake 72147-422  Denim 72147-900  Cork 72147-902  Floral Cork

10023-231  Taupe 10023-001  Black 10023-300  Olive 10023-410  Navy

40102-060  Pewter 40102-710  Gold 40100-001  Black 40100-270  Bone

10003-500  Purple 10003-603  Ruby Red 10003-410  Navy Blue 10003-001  Black

10005-319  Green 10005-001  Black 10005-202  Chocolate 10005-231  Tan 10005-410  Navy Blue

40108-001  Black 40108-270  Bone 40108-421  Blue 40125-710  Gold

10024-410  Navy 10024-300  Olive

10011-001  Black 10011-202  Chocolate

10002-603  Ruby Red 10002-410  Navy Blue 10002-500  Purple 10002-001  Black

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