Daniel Green Classics

Daniel Green classics are the looks we just can't let go of. The fabulous favorites, the super staples, the magnificent must-haves. These are our most elegant slippers, with sleek silhouettes, supportive insoles and decadent materials. All of Daniel Green's elegant bedroom slippers are made with grade-A provisions like supple kidskin leather, durable soles and breathable lining. Be sure to take a closer look at each of these classics to see the amazing assortment of colors, patterns and prints that adorn each pair.

Daniel Green classics are the authority on women's elegant slippers. From gorgeous leather loafer slippers in time-transcendent solid shades to faux leather slip-ons that feature eye-catching metallic material, each pair is decadently designed. For added comfort and versatility, many of these pairs feature convenient indoor/outdoor soles and heavenly padded insoles that offer full-body support.

40327-712  Metallic Multi

52377-710  Gold 52377-060  Pewter 52301-001  Black 52301-270  Bone 72147-901  Cheetah
52301-029  Gray Snake 52301-711  Gold Snake 72147-422  Denim 72147-900  Cork 72147-902  Floral Cork

40102-060  Pewter 40102-710  Gold 40100-001  Black 40100-270  Bone

40108-001  Black 40108-270  Bone 40108-421  Blue 40125-710  Gold

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