Quality Slipper Materials: Sheepskin Shearling, Fleece and Indoor/Outdoor Soles

Generic slippers from discount stores are not a good value. They are made from low-quality materials that wear out quickly, causing you more pain than comfort. Daniel Green, L.B. Evans and Woolrich are committed to making only premium quality slippers with the finest materials available.

Sheepskin Shearling Slippers
The Daniel Green Company carries several slippers that are made with genuine sheepskin shearling. This premium material is know for being extra soft and luxurious and provides insulation and added warmth on cold winter days. Sheepskin shearling also repels moisture, making the slippers dry and cozy all year round. Try the Daniel Green Nesa or L.B.Evans Richland slippers, both with durable indoor/outdoor soles.

Fleece lined slippers are soft, comfy and lightweight. Perfect for brisk winter mornings, slip into our cozy fleece slippers and keep your feet warm and toasty. Our Eco-Friendly Portia slipper is made with recycled wool and is lined with soft fleece. Or, try the L.B.Evans Max or Woolrich Parkwood slippers with indoor/outdoor soles for all day wear. Fleece is the most versatile slipper material available, so grab a pair today and indulge in comfort with the Daniel Green Company.

Indoor/Outdoor Soles
Most of our slippers have durable indoor/outdoor soles, perfect to wear in your home or out around town. They are designed to fit your lifestyle, and don't require you to give up the comfort you crave. If you need a reliable pair of slippers and aren't willing to sacrifice style or comfort, try the Daniel Green Dormie or L.B.Evans Radio Tyme. The soles are flexible and long-wearing. Who says you can't wear your slippers all day long? We won't tell.

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